Director: Jeroen Krabbé

Writers: Edwin Devies and Carl Friedman 

Set in Belgium in the early 70's, Left Luggage is the touching and emotional story of Chaja, a rebellious philosophy student stuggling to come of age. Her relationship with her parents, both concentration camp survivors, is strained and she finds herself unable to accept her Jewish identity. A family friend finds her a job as a nanny for a Hassidic family with 5 children. Joining forces with Mrs. Kalman (Isabella Rossellini) and through her love for the youngest child who doesn't speak, Chaja learns to accept and respect a culture steeped in traditions, and finds the true value of life.



  • Laura Fraser - Chaya Silberschmidt

  • Adam Monty - Simcha Kalman

  • Isabella Rossellini - Mrs. Kalman

  • Jeroen Krabbé - Mr. Kalman

  • Chaim Topol - Yacov Apfelschnitt

  • Marianne Sägebrecht - Mrs. Silberschmidt

  • Maximilian Schell - Mr. Silberschmidt

  • Koen De Bouw - Mr. Silberschmidt (at age of 20)

  • David Bradley - Concierge

  • Heather Weeks - Sofie

  • Miriam Margolyes - Mrs. Goldman

  • Lex Goudsmit - Mr. Goldman


Awards - The film was entered into the 48th Berlin International Film Festival, where the film won the Blue Angel Award and Isabella Rossellini won an Honourable Mention

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